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Five Ways Anxiety Can Show up in Your Life

Anxiety isn’t always just worrying about every little thing. Sometimes it can manifest in physical symptoms, it can be constantly underlying everything we do, or it can come on in debilitating waves.  Anxiety might be causing you to sabotage areas of your life without you even realizing it. These are five ways that anxiety can […]

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These Experiences are a Normal Part of Divorce

Divorce is a complicated situation that can bring up a range of feelings. I find that most people going through divorce are looking for certainty. They want to be sure that their children will turn out ok.  They want to be certain they are ready to leave and that they are better off single or […]

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Monthly Book Review – July 2017

Monthly Book Review – July 2017 I learned of this clever book at a trauma training session at the American Counseling Association (ACA) conference in San Francisco. The training’s focus was about integrating treatment of the body into therapy for post-traumatic stress, with the title being, “You can’t treat the mind without the body.”As a […]

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