Family-Based Approaches to Treating Teenage Substance Abuse

When it comes to treating adolescent substance abuse, family therapy Jupiter is a must. Keeping the individual’s parents and siblings involved in the treatment process is a critical factor in a person’s road to recovery. Although family treatments are often offered in outpatient settings, they can also be done in residential, as well as intensive outpatient programs.

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Types of Family-Based Treatments

Family Behavior Therapy 

This addresses substance abuse as well as behavioral issues. At least one parent and the adolescent are required to participate during the treatment’s planning sessions, as well as the process of choosing specific interventions from a selection of various options that are evidence-based. This treatment encourages the utilization of behavioral strategies and the skills that are taught in each session in order to improve their home environment. As their set behavioral goals in relation to the prevention of substance abuse and other associated risks are being reviewed and met, rewards are also given during each session.

Functional Family Therapy

This type of therapy makes use of behavioral techniques in order to enhance parenting, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills. It allows the participants to identify problem behaviors that trigger family interactions that are unhealthy. Functional family therapy seeks to engage families throughout the treatment process and motivate them to make certain behavioral changes through various techniques.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

This uses the family systems approach to treatment wherein it asserts that a family member’s behavioral problem is the result of unhealthy family interactions. The counselor tries to establish a trusting relationship with each member of the family, makes observations on how the members treat each other and assist them as they make changes in their interaction patterns. Brief strategic family therapy can be adapted to various family situations in settings that include drug abuse treatment programs, mental health centers, social service settings, and homes. 

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