Executive and Performance Coaching

As a self-made entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that high-performing individuals face when starting or scaling a business, and when moving to new levels of success. Coming from a dysfunctional home, I had few role models and experienced chronic childhood trauma, culminating in the death of both my parents in a car accident when I was a teenager. Despite my challenges, I became an Ivy League educated professional. While my own father did not even complete high school, I was able to obtain a PhD, teach graduate courses, write multiple scholarly texts, and found and scale a successful business. On my road, I have learned the secrets to transcending hardship and turning challenges into wins and I love sharing this to help others tap into their tremendous potential.

Combining various psychotherapy philosophies, somatic experiencing, nervous system support, eastern and western philosophy, mysticism, multi-disciplinary research, and holistic approaches, I have worked with many high-level CEOs, self-made millionaires, politicians, celebrities, and elite athletes.

My approach is customized for you and includes concierge service and support so you can experience a mind, body, and soul transformation that will propel you into your highest business goals. You can learn to harness your strengths and find balance to open yourself up to unlimited opportunities and success, make more efficient decisions, recover from setbacks more easily, and create supportive relationships.

Potential clients must apply for 1:1 coaching. Applicants go through a prescreening process and, if selected, participate in an interview. While this is a mutual interview, it does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Contact me below for more information and to receive the pre-interview application.